Job Offer

We are a small company and, as such, we do not fit within a special job area. Flexibility and wide interests are the main features of our team and so of our whole company. That’s why with us you should not look for a specific position nor title, but you should be preapred to be challenged in a variety of different topics: no time for getting bored!

We provide …

  • Flexible and family-friendly working hours.
  • A friendly and international team.
  • No longer on-site projects at customers.
  • Possibility for remote- and home-office.
  • OpenSource, regional, national and international projects.
  • Possibilities for further education and trainings.

You provide …

We are not perfect and we don’t know everything. But we always follow the goal to avoid putting labels.

Indeed, it is hard to write an explicit job offer, if you do not look for certain positions like “Portal Managers” or pure “Software Developers”.

That’s why we provide below an exemplary list of topics, in which we would need your support. The topics are selected with respect to our current projects. The details can be explained to you during a personal meeting.

So, if you have experience or/and interests in one or more of the items below, it is really worth contacting us: jobs[at]

We are looking forward to get to know you!

Software Development

  • Java preferred
  • Python and C sometimes for hardware related things or machine learning
  • Modular systems
  • Distributed systems
  • OSGi
  • Eclipse RCP
  • Open Source project participation
  • Git, Jenkins, Maven, Gradle, bndtools
  • Docker
  • Linux as deployment environment
  • IoT, Industrial IoT
  • Eclipse
  • model-driven-software-development and code generation tooling (EMF, MDA, MDSD)
  • Jax/JakartaRS, MQTT, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Lucene, GraphQL, Websockets

Project lead

  • Agile Project Management
  • Management of small internal teams who work for larger, external teams
  • Management of interfaces to customers or project-partners in public sector, universities or companies
  • Research and funding projects
  • Product- / Project - Ownership


  • Technical sales
  • Public tenders of federal, state and municipal level
  • Application for research and funding projects
  • Contact to customers for new projects
  • Training, coaching


  • Digitalization is much more than: “We move from fax to email!
  • Change management and social interactions in teams and organizations
  • Business proces modelling and re-engineering
  • Decision economy and nudging