Who we are

Founded in 2010, Data In Motion Consulting GmbH is based in Jena with currently 6 employees. The core competences of our company are software engineering, software architecture and consulting. Thereby, the goal is always to accompany our customers on the way to their solution in all areas of the project cycle. Finding well-documented, efficient, expandable and maintainable solutions is what drives us. As a team, we develop customised solutions for a wide range of industries - from logistics to medicine, e-commerce to transport systems.

As an active member of the OSGi Alliance and its working groups (Core, IoT and Enterprise), we are in constant contact with international experts in the software industry. We participate in the development of new industry standards and we are also involved in various open source projects. We know and use their skills, while we equally give our knowledge back to the community.

Our service offering

We use our skills and capabilities to help our clients with their challenges in the following areas:

  • Process development in software engineering
  • Consulting and training in
    • Digitalisation
    • OSGi
    • Java
    • Modelling
  • Moderation of development workshops
  • Software development process re-engineering
  • Project and product management (Scrum)
  • Model-driven software engineering (MDSD, MDA, UML, EMF)
  • Modular software architectures (OSGi)
  • Migration from monolithic to service-oriented architecture
  • Distributed micro- / nanoservice architectures (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Support for the introduction of agile project management
  • Enterprise data analysis
  • Desktop applications (Eclipse RCP)
  • Collaboration on OpenSource projects

Assisted Development

Every company is individual, with its own culture and character. These characteristics have to be taken into consideration in order to find the best solution for our customers. We call our approach Assisted Development.

This is a wholistic approach which takes into account both technical factors and the socio-economic as well as the political environment. We take your objectives carefully into account and accompany you on the way to realising your projects. Together, we aim to develop a methodology that is tailor-made for you, enabling you to go your “own way” and overcome legal challenges. Finding a well-documented, expandable and maintainable solution together is our driving force at all times.

Our Team

Jürgen Albert B.E.

CEO and Founder

After his graduation in Internet Business Engineering and five years of professional experience as a software developer, he founded Data In Motion in 2010. Taking the benefits of modular and distributed architectures in his stride, Jürgen has been sharing his knowledge in this area with our clients for over a decade now.

Mark Hoffmann, M.A. Graduate in Business Administration (FH)


After graduating with a degree in business administration, specialised in business informatics, he went on to gain a Master’s degree and extensive practical experience in several large companies. In 2012, he joined Data In Motion. The SCRUM Master certification expanded his social skills, from which our customers daily benefit in their exchange with him. Social interactions in teams as well as the awareness for getting good judgments and decisions in companies are additional capabilities of him. The impact of modelling in business processes and software development are his additional key skills, he is working with for years. He is also TÜV certified data protection officer also for public authorities.

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Ilenia Salvadori, PhD

Data Analyst, Software Developer

Her PhD in astro-particle physics qualifies her perfectly for the fields of data analysis and data modelling. She has a broad understanding when it comes to processes and concepts. Coupled with a technical understanding of modern development tools and procedures, Ilenia is a reliable expert for our clients in all their objectives and challenges.